About The YES Trust

Youth Engagement Schools Trust has been created with the core purpose of helping vulnerable learners to become a success in today’s modern world. We achieve this through collaboration of all stakeholders as we all strive to improve the knowledge and achievement of all our learners. Determined to secure excellence for all, and providing world class education and support to those who have previously failed in education, we are able to achieve this by continuously striving for the best; improving, innovating and reflecting.

The Trust is committed to equality and opportunity for all, and making sure every individual has a tailored approach to education that allows them to build on their strengths and develop their weaknesses.

We all aspire to the highest standards of achievement. This includes, but is not limited to; educational accomplishment; the incredible passion that young people develop for learning; values; and inter-personal skills so that they can contribute positively to local and global communities.

As a Trust we want everyone to be able to ‘Upgrade their Independence’ through our supportive network and high quality practices. The Trust will always work together to share its ideas, skills and experience in the best interests of young people within and beyond its own schools.