‘The YES way’

As a trust that empowers autonomy at local level, making sure schools support their specific cohorts in their own high quality way. All the trust schools sign up to the same principles for their education The ‘YES’ Way, our co-created charter of expectations and commitments to every young persons future.

SUPPORT – To support all learners no matter their background or past experiences to access education and re-establish a ‘love of learning’.

DEVELOP – To make sure every young person develops their personal, social, emotional and mental resilience alongside their academic advancements to become successful learners with the ability to contribute successfully to society.

IDENTIFY – To work on a personal level with every child to make sure their individual needs are identified and met with a bespoke education programme helping change their lives and raise their aspirations to meet their potential.

COLLABORATE – To make sure education development is built on strong collaboration both internal and externally to support learning with strong pedagogy.

FAIRNESS – To provide a consistent approach to everything we do, keeping at the forefront of our minds “what is best for the learners” as whatever is done is in their best interest.

IMPROVEMENT – To focus and dedicate time to reflect and improve embedded systems, making sure that effective education is always focused and right for a child / cohort.

EMPOWERMENT – To empower each other to develop learning pathways that are specific to their cohort of young people, making sure local need is met by local schools.

GROWTH – To provide quality professional development making sure practice is not just ‘best’ practice but looks at ‘next’ practice, growing our ability to meet need, keeping our schools at the forefront of innovative education.

OUTCOMES – To Make sure all learners have a destination following our educational input, making this move with high quality qualifications, a positive outlook and able to make ambitious informed decisions about their future.