The YES Trust Policy Documents

The Trust sets out key policies and policy statements, to ensure all pupils, staff and visitors to its Academies are safe, and that the environments demonstrate the shared ethos and values of the Trust. The following policies are set at Trust Board level and are adopted by all Academies in the Trust. Academies have delegated authority to set policies for their own specific needs such as Safeguarding, Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Admissions, SEN, Medical Needs, PSHE, SRE, etc.

YES Trust – Safeguarding Policy Statement – Dec 2019

YES Trust – Data Protection Policy – Dec 2019

YES Trust – Whistleblowing Policy – Dec 2019

YES Trust – Complaints Policy and Procedure – Dec 2019

YES Trust – Equal Opportunities Policy – Dec 2019

YES Trust – Central Record and Vetting – Jul 2019


YES Trust – TDP

Academy Policies

The Axis Academy

Cornerstone AP

The Fermain Academy