The Axis Academy

The Axis Academy is due to open in January 2021 as a 48 place SEN school for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties.

Our Vision for The Axis Academy is to work constantly to provide excellence for every student. With a highly-trained, specialised team, we will support the entire cohort’s needs, particularly focusing on those students with mental-health issues, needing a safe, but aspirational, environment to recapture an often lost passion for learning and creativity. ‘Axis’ represents far more than just a name for a school.

It neatly summarises our vision for the Academy, and expresses the ethos for education we strive to provide; an ethos focused on positive achievement and success at every stage.

The school is currently under construction, and we will look to keep interested parties updated as to its progress over the course of the Project (Dec 2019 – Oct 2020)

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